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    The man in the mask.

    High atop the Clarion Tower, a blinking red light begins to pulse signaling one of New York City's most illustrious, vigilante heroes, the Phantom Detective. In reality, he is Curtis Van Loan, a debonair playboy millionaire well known in the society columns of all the major dailies. What is hidden from the public is Van Loan's dedication to law and order. A decorated combat pilot during World War I, he is an expert fencer, ju-jitsu master, and speaks a dozen foreign tongues fluently.

    Hidden in his Park Avenue penthouse is a secret closet containing clothing of all descriptions and sizes. Along the wall are weapons; automatic rifles, sub-machine guns. There is also a miniature lab along with an extensive make-up kit that allows him to don different faces as his mission requires. Forget the silly top hat featured on the old pulp covers, while in action the Phantom Detective wore a belted topcoat, a fedora, and black domino mask. He carried a .45 automatic and a hidden knife in his left sleeve.

    This popular pulp icon returns now to once more battle villainy and crime in five new cases by Gene Moyers, Whit Howland, Robert Ricci, and two from Gary Lovisi. Each recaptures the fun, excitement, and thrills of this classic hero from the past - the Phantom Detective!

    ©2016 Gary Lovisi, Gene Moyers, Whit Howland, Robert Ricci (P)2017

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