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    Forty-eight stories of brave sparrows, wilds winds, and how to live in times of climate change. A prize-winning book by the natural storyteller Georgiana Keable, sharing long experience with children in the forests and snows of Norway.

    Meet the girl who became a fish, married a bear, and had a tree as her mum and dad. Meet the boy who tried to stop the wind, fetched fire from the center of the earth on the back of a bird, and whose father was the river. Meet mountains that have fallen in love and the fun of sharing tales together. 

    From all over the world, find riddles, myths, and games for adults and children to learn the art of storytelling. Narrated by Georgiana and her three daughters Heid, Ellen, and Mari, with a visionary afterword from the famed teller Hugh Lupton.

    ©2017 Georgiana Jerstad (P)2020 Georgiana Jerstad

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