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The Memory Doctor

Sprecher: Erik Singer
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 9 Min.

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Before you read this, think for a moment: Do you know where your keys are? What was the name of that last visitor to your office? We rely on memory every moment of the day, but many of us constantly complain that we're losing it faster than we ever imagined.

This audio teaches listeners that our memory doesn't actually "go". Instead, we start forgetting important details because our lives have gotten so busy. With so much information coming at us all day, every day, paying attention and encoding facts in long-term memory has become harder than ever. Fortunately, this audio offers a simple, effective solution.

After learning the basics of memory, listeners to this audio get a crash course in fast relaxation. Tension. Tension inhibits the encoding process that lets us remember things, so less stress leads to better memory. Listeners go on to experiment with many fun ways to improve attention, encoding, and fact-retrieval skills. The goal: powerful, accurate memory that will last listeners the rest of their lives.

Thinking about ginko biloba? Think again. This audio, written by a neuropsychologist and award-winning researcher, examines the supplements and remedies available for memory loss and tells us which ones really work and which ones may actually harm memory. Unlike many other memory books available, The Memory Doctor is backed by hard science and clinical research into the function of memory. Every fact, tip, and trick in this audio is backed by the most current and accurate information available.

©2005 Douglas Mason and Spencer Smith (P)2007 HarperCollins Publishers

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