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    Home is where your people are. But who are your people?

    Adelaide has lived her whole life in rural Ethiopia as the white American daughter of an anthropologist. Then, her family moves to South Carolina in 1964.

    Adelaide vows to find her way back to Ethiopia, marry Maicaah, and become part of the village for real. But until she turns 18, Adelaide must adjust to this strange, white place that everyone tells her is home. Then, Adelaide becomes friends with the five African American students who sued for admission into the white high school.

    Even as she navigates her family's expectations and her mother's depression, Adelaide starts to enjoy her new friendships, the chance to learn new things, and the time she spends with a blond football player. Life in Greenville becomes interesting, and home becomes a much more complex equation.

    Adelaide must finally choose where she belongs: the Ethiopian village where she grew up, to which she promised to return? Or this place, where she's become part of something bigger than herself?

    ©2019 Christine Kindberg (P)2020 Christine Kindberg

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