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    Why some get their wishes and others do not?

    I have 12 reasons... Do you want to know them?

    This set of principles - as I have ordered and systematized them - they make up "The Manifestation Code" and they are a spiritual technology to make the invisible visible.

    Although the concepts on which I have based the "12 powers" may seem like a commonplace to you, or you think you already know them, I will provide you with a new meaning for those concepts, please let yourself be surprised.

    What you are going to listen next is not new, but it has been forgotten. In the distant future, it will be a no-brainer. This is my vision of the future: in a few thousand years, the illiterates will be those people incapable of designing their life at their choice.

    Only 12 steps to learn. All of them in this audiobook.

    Spiritually enlightened people, the majority, will align their intention with their manifestations and only those who have fallen behind, the minority, in their spiritual development, will suffer an unexpected destiny.

    Discover the consciousness that creates the desires.

    ©2019 Ediciones Instituto Expertos (P)2019 Ediciones Instituto Expertos

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