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    Discover the mysterious “you” who cannot fail.

    The Magic Story - one of the most intriguing and powerful works of inspiration ever written - the unknown but entirely real you: a stronger, resilient, and more capable being who shadows your daily existence and requires only that you invite it in.

    In this imaginary but starkly real tale, author Frederick van Rensselaer Dey (1861-1922) reveals this “plus-entity” and how to encounter it. Originally published in 1900, Dey’s beguiling and instructive story is a “magic key” for all who wish to become the person they are truly intended to be.

    This volume includes the complete text, an original publisher’s preface, and a new introduction by spiritual thinker Mitch Horowitz, making it the signature edition of Dey’s mysterious classic.

    “Since earliest childhood,” Mitch writes in the introduction, “you have probably felt, as I have, that you are two selves. Be guided by the principle of The Magic Story: select the self that builds you. It represents a more powerful choice than may at first appear.”

    Public Domain (P)2021 G&D Media

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