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    Being an introvert does not mean one is shy, socially awkward, or lacking in confidence. Being an introvert simply means you recharge from solitude rather than social situations. Often it is a sign of intelligence. Answer these quick questions to see if you are an introvert:

    Do you enjoy small talk? Most introverts find small talk uncomfortable.

    Do you often feel alone in a crowd? Many introverts feel alone, even when they are among a group of friends.

    Are you easily distracted? Introverts tend to be easily distracted in environments of excess stimulation.

    Are you in a relationship with, or find yourself surrounding yourself with extroverts? This is a common characteristic of the introvert. Opposites attract!

    Does downtime make you feel more productive? Introverts need time alone to process information and recharge.

    Is it easier for you to speak in front of large crowds than to speak to small groups of people or individuals? Most introverts are comfortable with public speaking, but mingling with the crowd afterward and making small talk is often tedious to them.

    Do you start to shut down after you have been out and about for too long? Being out in public causes the introvert to expend a lot of energy. After a while they start to shut down and need solitude.

    Do you have a constant inner dialogue? Introverts tend to subconsciously and consciously think continually. Introverts think first and talk later.

    Do you see the big picture? Introverts have excellent observational skills and tend to look at the big picture and have a mind for more abstract concepts.

    If you think you may be an introvert and are seeking greater financial success, listen to this book! It is the ultimate guide book for the introvert with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is filled with excellent advice, relevant examples, checklists and self-analysis tools to help today’s introvert crack the code to wealth. Listening to this book will set you upon the path to becoming a lone wolf tycoon. Keep this audiobook handy as you climb the corporate ladder of success. It will be a handy guide that you will refer to over and over again.

    ©2017 Tru Nobilis Publishing (P)2017 Tru Nobilis Publishing

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