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    The thrilling conclusion to Myke Cole's Sacred Throne trilogy.

    Heloise and her allies are marching on the Imperial Capital. The villagers, the Kipti, and the Red Lords are united only in their loyalty to Heloise, though dissenting voices are many and they are loud.

    The unstable alliance faces internal conflicts and external strife, yet they’re united in their common goal. But when the first of the devils start pouring through a rent in the veil between worlds, Heloise must strike a bargain with an unlikely ally, or doom her people to death and her world to ruin.

    Performed by Colleen Delany, Duyen Washington, Nora Achrati, Todd Scofield, Chris Genebach, Michael Glenn, Paul Reisman, Thomas Keegan, Chris Davenport, Elaine Yuko Qualter, Richard Rohan, Christopher Graybill, Chris Stinson, Marni Penning, Nick DePinto, Timothy Lynch, Kimberly Gilbert, Jeff Allin, Matthew Ward, Jacob Yeh, Michael John Casey, Eric Messner, Terence Aselford, Ken Jackson, Elizabeth Jernigan, Shanta Parasuraman, Scott McCormick.

    ©2019 Myke Cole (P)2020 Graphic Audio, LLC

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