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    The Innovation Book is your roadmap to creating powerful innovations that deliver success in a competitive world. With a practical, bite-size format, Mckeown will help you tackle the really important challenges and seize the most-valuable opportunities.

    The Innovation Book includes 24 of the most powerful tools and models to help innovators, game changers, mavericks, and revolutionaries make new ideas useful.

    These include: Althshuller's innovation pyramid; Burgelman & Seigel's minimum winning game; Osborn & Parnes’ creative problem solving; Altshuller's TRIZ; Osterwalder’s business model canvas for the business model generation; Amabile’s internal & external motivation; Guilford’s convergent & divergent thinking; Ries’ build-measure-learn wheel for lean startups; Christensen’s disruptive innovation; Schroeder’s innovation journey; Usher’s path of cumulative synthesis; Benyus’ biomimicry design lens; Van de Ven’s leadership rhythms; Friend’s three types of uncertainty; Teece’s win, lose, follow, innovate grid; D. School’s design thinking modes; Henderson and Clark’s four types of innovation; Rogers’ adoption & diffusion curve; Abernathy & Utterback’s three phases of innovation, Chesbrough’s open innovation; March’s exploration versus exploitation; Johnson and Johnson’s constructive controversy cycle; Powell and Grodal’s networks for innovation, and Boyd’s OODA loop.

    Each tool is made practical with advice about how to use it, examples of innovation in action, and related ideas throughout the book. Anyone who wants to know more about innovation will benefit from this as a real-world handbook and wise companion.

    ©2014 Max Mckeown (P)2015 Audible, Ltd


    "Inspired, ambitious and complete--a must-read for anyone interested in innovation, creativity and invention." (Tom McMail, ex-Microsoft strategic collaborations director & academic innovations manager)
    “Strips big ideas down to their essence, making the complicated understandable and turning the theoretical into real-world practical. Recommended.” (Broc Edwards, SVP, director of learning & leadership)

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