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    The Healing Waterfall is waiting for you on a beautiful mountainside. Deeply relax while you slowly step forward into the pool, as the water heals and soothes every part of you. A perennial best seller, this luxurious, gentle meditation with its rich, soft music has been adored by many, many people over the years. 

    Max Highstein says, "When I created The Healing Waterfall, my intention was to do something that would help people relax and access their natural inner healing ability - a process I firmly believe in. I wanted to make a soothing program that everyone could relate to. I had no idea it would have the effect it has had. More than 100,000 people have purchased the cassette, CD, and now the download. It's been so gratifiying to receive the thank you letters from people who have had this program for years, and still use it. I'm grateful that Jill Andre did such a masterful job narrating the script of The Healing Waterfall, as she also did with The Healing Waterfall II, Lightbeing, and Visiting Angels."

    ©1985 Max Highstein (P)1985 Max Highstein

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