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The French Revolution - In a Nutshell

Autor: Neil Wenborn
Sprecher: Roy McMillan
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 19 Min.
Kategorien: Geschichte, Europa

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Beschreibung von Audible

Between 1789 and 1799, ten years of violent turmoil in France grew out of Europe's Enlightenment. After the pillars of power - the Catholic Church, the aristocracy, and the monarchy - fell, continued intramural conflicts stained the decade. In 1799, Napoleon assumed power in a coup and declared the revolution to be over. The author condenses this complex, controversial, and critical period and narrator Roy McMillan aptly fits the performance bill with his impeccable French. He chooses a pace that is appropriate to delivering great quantities of information while still allowing listeners time to absorb it. His performance succeeds in its succinct reporting of a consequential historical period, and one hopes it will whet the curiosity of those less familiar with these events.


The fifth in the new Naxos audioooks series "In a Nutshell", The French Revolution is a short and accessible introduction to one of the most important periods in European history. It brings vividly to life the implacable Robespierre, the frightened Marie Antoinette and the iconic image of the guillotine. But it also demonstrates the key role the Revolution played in the development of European politics.
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