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    In a world that too often gives us cause to despair, poet Raminder Bajwa chooses to focus on reasons for optimism. His two previous collections - Of Angels and Few Lies, of Everything under Blue Skies and Enlightenment - both explore humankind's search for hope, love, and faith. His third book, The Flute Player, now revisits these themes in 60 new poems that mix the personal with the universal.

    The poems are grouped into four sections: "Of Love", "Observations", "Wishes", and "Attitude".

    By turns unabashedly romantic, humorous, and spiritual, the poems are written in accessible language and illuminate thought-provoking truths about what it means to be alive in the 21st century.

    Bajwa explores many timely topics, including terrorism, war, and tensions between citizens and the police. Throughout, he communicates his belief in our shared humanity and our ability to find solutions to problems. The longest section of the book is devoted to poems that celebrate the United States and the freedoms we enjoy, but the collection also includes poetic meditations on love, creativity, religion, success versus failure, and more.

    Whether you have "the heart of a poet" as Raminder Bajwa does, or whether you simply enjoy looking at life through a poet's eyes, The Flute Player will entertain and touch you.

    ©2016 Raminder Bajwa (P)2016 Raminder Bajwa

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