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    Do you fail to follow your plans despite your best intentions? Are your mental toughness and willpower keeping you from the life you want? 

    If your life is starting to resemble a never-ending hamster wheel from a lack of intentional action, you need to discipline your mind. Dreaming day and night doesn’t create the life you want - disciplined action does.

    Where you end up in life is determined by the number of times you fall and get up and how much pain and discomfort you can withstand along the way. The path to an extraordinary accomplishment and a life worth living is not due to innate talent but focus, willpower, and disciplined action. 

    Maximize your brain power and keep your thoughts in control. In The Disciplined Mind, you will find unique lessons through which you will learn those essential steps and qualities that are needed to reach your goals easier and faster. 

    Learn about the three types of stress and how can you turn stress to your benefit and get the results you want. Take control over your life. Here's what you'll learn: 

    • Key steps to patience and self-discipline
    • The method for focused action and maximum productivity
    • Ways to overcome the fear of failure

    With a disciplined mind, you will be able to live a more stress-free and well-balanced life. You won’t sabotage yourself with negative self-talk, procrastination, and unintentional behavior. You’ll learn to prioritize your tasks to harness the most productive results, even on those days when you are not in a good mood.

    ©2019 Zoe McKey (P)2019 Zoe McKey

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