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Do you want to be logical like Einstein, observant like Sherlock, and rational like Plato? 

These great names have something in common: they are all exceptional critical thinkers. What did they do differently that made them so recognizable for their intellects?

  • They thought slowly and deliberately before making a snap judgment or decision
  • They questioned every fact and opinion (including their own)
  • They took the time to study the subject or object of their decision making to gather information before jumping to conclusions
  • They accepted and expected that human nature is ultimately biased and prone to make cognitive errors 

The Critical Thinker gives you a thorough description of the rules and principles of critical thinking practiced by Einstein, Plato, and every great thinker in history. You will learn about the most important critical thinking principles, as well as shortcuts to make better decisions in specific situations. These critical thinking principles will help your personal life, career, and friendships. Improve your critical, logical, observational, and rational thinking skills with the timeless principles presented in this book. 

Critical thinking skills will improve your relationships and your financial life too.

  • Learn the main principles of critical thinking
  • Train your cognitive muscles to think faster and jump to the best conclusions effortlessly
  • Find the most rewarding options in any opportunity
  • Don’t just attack symptoms, solve your problems once and for all

Become a lie and cognitive bias detector. 

The Critical Thinker is a fitting listen for everyone who wants to improve their critical thinking skills. Regardless of your stage of life or field of work (business, education, healthcare, or student) you’ll find the audiobook equally useful.

  • Become a more effective communicator with more impactful points
  • Detect the thinking errors of larger groups or individuals
©2018 Steven Schuster (P)2018 Steven Schuster

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