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    Four decades. Four victims. No bodies.

    The Tor.

    For centuries it has stood over the village of Batsford. A dark force lies hidden within, influencing the villagers' every move.

    The Tor Part One: Whiteshill

    The 1970s. James Immola, a young father, leaves the village for a night of music and drinking in the local town. Whilst out, he meets the beautiful Rebecca. But all is not as it seems. Will James realize the danger he's in before it's too late? A decade later. Three school friends walk home on the last day of term. One of them will not see the holidays. Can his two friends unravel the mystery of The Tor before they fall victim too?

    The Tor Part Two: Rest

    In the 1990s, Joseph Sanderson, a loner plagued by vivid and recurring dreams, meets the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But what is the secret torturing her - and what price will he pay to try and follow her?

    The Tor Part Three: Foundations

    In the first decade of the new millennium, Andrew and his partner move into the abandoned Dadeni Cottage. Soon, The Tor influences their lives, with tragic consequences for them both. Magic. Intrigue. Deception. Everything you'd want from classic British horror.

    This edition collects the original trilogy, the short publication, "The Cauldron", and the short story, "Symeon's Tor".

    ©2016 Anthony Morgan-Clark (P)2017 Anthony Morgan-Clark

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