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    The climate is changing, so why aren't we? After all, we are the generation of change.

    The severity of climate change leaves no one indifferent. The Climate Is Changing, Why Aren't We? will not try to convince you that climate change exists - we know that. It offers easy-to-understand insights into the structures that suffocate our future, while upholding a sense of optimism and humanising the climate story. From the clothes you buy, plastics you use and food you eat, to knowing how to harness the power of social media and technology to get our voices heard and demand climate action, Daisy Kendrick, founder of Ocean Generation, weaves together inspirational stories, shocking statistics and easy green switches to make in your everyday life to tackle climate change on an individual level.

    The Climate Is Changing, Why Aren't We? will help to grant future generations the rights they deserve.

    ©2020 Daisy Kendrick (P)2020 Hachette Audio UK


    "An inspirational and motivational must-read, packed with practical tips to push for positive change." (Zanna van Dijk)

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