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    Learn how to eat on a carnivore diet with apple cider vinegar supplementation for maximum weight-loss benefits and health.

    The carnivore diet is the all-new rage in the low-carb community. What exactly is this carnivore diet? It entails eating meat only and is reputed to cause rapid fat loss, weight loss, and increase feelings of wellness and health. It:

    • Balances hormones
    • Heals digestive issues
    • Terminates bloating and gas
    • Returns the body to a natural state of health
    • Immediately increases energy - especially if you are coming from a long-term high-carb diet or veganism.

    The carnivore diet basically promotes eating meat only, but not processed meats. It suggests eating healthy meats, organic chicken, wild salmon, grass-fed beef, etc. The whole point is to eat as natural as possible, just meat.

    Audiobook one: The Carnivore Diet Basics - with sample meal plans

    This explains what the diet is, how it benefits you, and how to start now.

    The carnivore diet isn’t a fad; people are just going back to a natural way of eating that feels good and makes us healthy.

    Imagine a diet of delicious foods like juicy steaks, bacon, roasted chicken with crispy, golden skin, all kinds of fish, delicious burger patties with melted cheese, and more...but without plants! Yes, that’s right, no more expensive plants and constant trips to the grocery-store produce aisle! 

    How is this possible and still healthy? This audiobook will open your mind to that very idea.

    This carnivore diet handbook has everything you need to know to get started right now! It covers what to eat and how to start the diet today.

    Audiobook two: Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

    Why use apple cider vinegar with the carnivore diet? During your transition into a increased metabolic state, ACV keeps you very healthy and reduces appetite drastically.

    It helps reduce appetite: A study done in Sweden in 2005 discovered that people were more satisfied and fuller for longer periods when they ate bread along with vinegar, as opposed to by itself. The great ingredient in vinegar that reduces appetite is thought to be acetic acid. 

    This substance can help to lower foods’ glycemic indexes. In other words, it slows down the rate that sugars get released into your blood stream, reducing your urge to eat more. 

    It lowers fat levels in the body: Many people insist that apple cider vinegar can help to shed weight, but there isn’t as much scientific evidence for this. One study done in Japan, however, showed that overweight people who drank acetic acid with water over about three months showed significant weight loss.

    ©2019 Mason Brooks (P)2019 Mason Brooks

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