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The Burnt Amish Girl

Sprecher: Cindy Killavey
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 1 Min.

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Katie Weaver is 21 and her parents begin to press her on the issue of marriage. This is not a subject that she wishes to discuss. At 14, she was badly burned when the family home caught fire. It was only the actions of brave Jacob Zook that saved her life that dark night.

Jacob Zook, the hero of the community for his bravery, is now 29 and already a widower, his wife being struck down with the ravages of cancer. Since the death of his wife, he doubts God, his faith, and his way of life.

When Katie's parents again press on the subject of marriage, she storms out of the house and into the harshness of the winter and the rising snow. When she stumbles trying to climb a fence to get to her friend's house quicker, she falls and becomes unconscious. Will she perish out in the cold? Or will there be another hero to save her?

©2015 Hannah Schrock (P)2016 Burton Crown


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