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The Battle for Gullywith

Autor: Susan Hill
Sprecher: Susan Hill
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 55 Min.
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A stone army, an enchanted castle, mysterious ancient powers - and some very clever tortoises - Olly finds there's more than meets the eye at Gullywith.

When his family moves to Gullywith Farm in the Lake District, Olly just can't imagine being happy in his new home. Gullywith is the coldest house in the world, and no one has lived there for years.

Then Olly meets KK, and she tells him locals won't go near the place. It does seem to be jinxed - the roof falls in, walls collapse but even more strangely, Olly notices that there are stones at Gullywith that can move around of their own accord - stones with ancient markings on them. He feels sure that they are angry about something. KK takes Olly to see the mysterious Nonny Dreever to ask his advice, and he tells them they must return the stones to Withern Mere.

As they search for the answer to Gullywith's secret, Olly is drawn into a world of myth, magic, and midnight adventure deep inside the surrounding hills. What is the ancient power that controls the stones and can anything be done to end their hold over Gullywith?

Susan Hill deftly weaves a tale of real life and enchantment to delight young readers.

©2007 Long Barn Books Ltd (P)2008 Long Barn Books Ltd


"This is a perfect family book because the adult reader will share the pleasure of the listening child." (The Guardian)
"Hill creates a colourful, magical world which you experience with every sense." (The Bookbag)
"The adventures are sometimes festive, sometimes perilous - all colourfully described. The story is so competently told and moves, in short chapters, so swiftly from one excitement to the next that readers haven't breath to question the magic." (Armadillo)


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