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    Beschreibung von Audible

    This informative and breezy audiobook begins with the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik 1, which triggered the Space Race between Russia and the United States. President John F. Kennedy vowed to send a man to the moon before the Russians, leading to the genesis of the Apollo program. Narrator Kerry Shale paces his affable performance carefully, giving adequate time and attention to the different Apollo missions. Although the outcome of the missions is now historical fact, listeners will still be enthralled when Shale recounts the challenges and risks of the Apollo 11 mission that finally saw astronauts land on the moon.


    This is a story from the Great Explorers collection.

    Here are the stories of nine great adventures and the lives of the men who took part in them. They pushed back the frontiers of man's knowledge of the world by their vision, courage, and sheer doggedness. They were very different people, from bold adventurers facing the unknown with enjoyment to careful, more scientific individuals. Their journeys are placed within their historical context, but also contain the words of the men themselves.

    ©2003 NAXOS AudioBooks Ltd. (P)2003 NAXOS AudioBooks Ltd.

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