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    The Amish Bonnet Sisters are back in the second boxed set edition in this best-selling series! This set contains books four, five, and six: Amish Joy, Amish Family Secrets, and The Englisher.

    Amish Joy

    Shocking secrets are revealed when Florence finds out about the English neighbor from next door. Will she feel the same when she learns the truth?

    Amish Family Secrets

    Lies have been told. What will Florence do when she learns the truth that her stepmother has been keeping from her for many years?

    Will this change Florence's plans?

    The Englisher

    She's not allowed home or near the orchard. Her stepmother has disturbing news that even alienates her best-behaved daughter.

    How will Florence feel when she sees all the fruit on her beloved apple trees rotting? Why won't they take her advice, and why is her stepmother being so stubborn?

    ©2020 Samantha Price (P)2020 Samantha Price

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