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    It started with a winning lottery ticket and could end with her death. 

    What would you do with $597 million?  

    Despite her estranged fiancé raving that it’s a waste of money, Maren Padgett decides to try her luck and buys a lottery ticket with the last few bucks in her wallet. What could it hurt? What Burke Shavet wasn’t expecting was for Maren to actually win. With dollar signs in his eyes, he starts making big plans for the big winnings, contrary to Maren begging him to slow down. She’s uncomfortable with how fast he’s moving, with good reason. 

    She should’ve trusted her instincts. Pushing a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Grand Canyon, Burke had it all planned out....

    Maren owes her life to the people living at the bottom of the canyon. Especially to the mysterious black-haired man named Thann who rescued her. The problem is she doesn’t remember why her life was in danger to begin with. She can’t remember anything, actually. But slowly, her memories are returning, and no one is happy with what she’s recalling.

    ©2019 Linda Mooney (P)2020 Linda Mooney

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