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Hell's Ankhor, Book 5
Sprecher: David Allen Vargo
Serie: Hell's Ankhor, Titel 5
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 16 Min.
Kategorien: LGBT, Romanze

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Jazz: I’m in love with my straight best friend...

Prison changed me, mostly for the better, but it could never erase my love for Tex. Growing up together in foster care he was my one constant, and I hate all the ways I’ve let him down. Now that I’m free my biggest wish is to settle back into our friendship and life in our MC. I know I’ll never have anything more. But the glances Tex keeps shooting me are enough to make me my brother looking at me differently?

Tex: I can’t be checking Jazz out...

Just because my friends are gay, it doesn’t mean I am, no matter how good Jazz looks. Right? I love the guy, but I can’t love him. Except now that I’m thinking about him that way, I can’t stop. He just got out of prison and I can’t risk losing him again because I’m confused. He’s supposed to be my brother.

But when an old enemy shows up, I may end up losing him anyway. Can I trust that Jazz really learned his lesson in prison? Or will old habits get him taken away for good?

Tex is book five in the Hell’s Ankhor m/m MC series. Listen for a slow burn that will singe your heart as two former foster brothers discover just how deep their feelings go...and discover that Tex isn't as straight as he thought he was.

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