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    The woman beside her on the train was elegant, ethereal, mysterious, and determined. When Wendy opened her eyes, she was alone. The woman was gone and a dusty red book was in her place. The woman's appeal still rang in her ears. "You must show the world how we danced with God!"

    Temple Dancer, a novel of awakening and connection, spans the distance of time, space, and culture through the parallel lives of Saraswati, a young Indian temple dancer in the 1940s and Wendy, an unfulfilled artist living in contemporary New England. On a crowded train in southern India, a strange encounter leads to the exchange of a dusty red book, with a mission. Years later, on reading the lost volume, Wendy is transported on an unforgettable journey into the ancient and erotic world of the revered devadasi, a world of dance and devotion, music and mysticism, restraint and release, shame and disgrace. Like a double helix, their lives intertwine. opening the portal to spiritual transcendence through the making of art, the making of love, and most of all through love itself.

    Temple Dancer is a lush listen and a richly atmospheric journey deep into the history and magic of female sacred sexuality and spiritual transcendence. The tragic and triumphant stories of both women are enriched by compelling yoga philosophy and the divine enigma that entwines the lives of two unlikely souls.

    ©2020 Amy Weintraub (P)2021 Amy Weintraub

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