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    The Stoic philosophy is fast becoming popular in today's modern World of hustle and bustle and for good reason! Stoicism is tailored for you to thrive as these ancient philosophies integrate perfectly with the stresses of 21st-century living.

    The history of Stoicism itself is absolutely fascinating and is key to understanding in order to embody this into your own life. To wander through the great minds who birthed this way of being in the World will strengthen your roots as you implement Stoicism into your daily routine.

    To become a Stoic or at least a practitioner of some of the teachings, means you will be more able to cope with anything thrown in your path.

    You will develop mental strength, resilience, and a self-discipline which will help elevate you in all areas of life. Becoming less reactive and more astute.

    This book will also help you with the following.

    • The history of Stoicism
    • Stoicism through the ages
    • The three main eras of Stoicism
    • Benefits to you as a practicing Stoic
    • Stoicism and dealing with death and grief
    • The four cardinal virtues
    • A look at the leading Stoics
    • And 63 practical exercises for you to implement Stoicism into your life

    The exercises and strategies found in this book offer a clear pathway on how you can become the best version of you by walking the Stoic path. A blueprint in how to be calm in the face of adversity, wise in times of overreaction, and a strength and pillar, not only in society but for you.

    ©2019 Tony Sayers (P)2019 Tony Sayers

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