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    Chloe Galen, the family wild-child, has been expelled from college for the third time and returns to New Orleans with her tail between her legs. That's one time too many for her society matriach mother. When Mama cuts the purse strings, Chloe sets out to prove she can finish college on her own.

    Using her passion for art and creative ability to stay alive, she takes a job in a gallery and lands in the middle of international art fraud, unaware her fellow students and co-workers aren't as honest as they appear. Meeting a sexy, new student who likes the woman she is now and not the spoiled brat she once was is her dream come true. Too bad he has his own skeletons in the closet and a hidden agenda that could bring down everybody she holds dear.

    FBI agent Aaron Porter has come home to help local law enforcement crack the sophisticated ring that's selling fakes as works of art. Already distrustful of the rich, his favorite criminal type to bring to justice, he woos Chloe to infiltrate the scam, never suspecting the starving artist isn't who she appears to be. Falling in love with her is easy...deciding whether to protect her or arrest her...proves to be the toughest challenge of his career.

    Set in the exotic, ever-changing French Quarter, Something Very Wild, serves up passion, murder, and mystery as daily specials in this fast-paced romantic suspense novel.

    ©2009 Mary Zelinsky (P)2009 Books In Motion

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