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    Have you ever struggled to lose weight for months or maybe even years? The solution is inside this book.

    Start following Slim Body: Impressive Results of Walking 5 Miles Daily and discover how to improve your body and mind.

    Can walking help you lose weight? Absolutely.

    Listen to Slim Body: Impressive Results of Walking 5 Miles Daily and learn step by step how you can simply burn about 450 calories daily.

    Get motivated and inspired when you learn:

    • 1. Introduction: Why Walking Will Help You Burn Fat and Keep You Fit
    • 2. How to Keep You Motivated and Committed
    • 3. Essential Walking Equipment
    • 4. Impressive Results of Walking Five Miles or 10,000 Steps Daily
    • 5. How Many Calories Does Walking Burn?
    • 6. Eight Golden Rules of Weight Loss
    • 7. Successfully Walk Your Way to a Flat Stomach
    • 8. Top 10 Health Benefits of Walking Daily for Self-Confidence (Mind and Body)
    • 9. Improve Your Walking Performance and Lose Weight by Cutting Calories and Adding Nutrients
    • 10. Set Your Own Goals
    • 11. Lose Weight Walking--Frequently Asked Questions

    Determination today leads to success tomorrow! So put one foot in front of the other, and you'll get to the end. Do your best for you.

    ©55 Joao Luis Marques Jorge (P)2015 Joao Luis Marques Jorge 50-50 Royalty Share with Arieya LLC

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