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Sissy Assignments: Public Humiliation Part II

Autor: Mistress Dede
Sprecher: Audrey Lusk
Spieldauer: 29 Min.

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Welcome to the second edition of public humiliation assignments for the sissy boi. It is always important to continue your practice, whether you are a full-fledged sissy boi or simply beginning your sissy training. There are certain sissy training tasks that can be completed to help your Mistress/Master better learn where you are in your training physically, mentally, and emotionally. These sissy assignments will also help to push you in the right direction toward your end goal of becoming who you really are.

Some of the sissy humiliation tasks in this course you will find more difficult than others. Completing them will make you into a more well-rounded and individual sissy. These tasks should be taken extremely seriously and finished to completion in a timely manner. Doing so will help show your devotion and commitment to your sissy transformation. Pushing your boundaries can be tedious and frightening at times, but you must remember that everything you do has a purpose.

Take care to keep a progress report and progress photos when necessary. This will help both you and your Mistress/Master realize how far you have come in your sissy training. It will also help be a judge as to where your training should proceed from here. Some of these sissy public humiliation tasks will need to be completed more than once to get their full effect. You should use your judgment and be truthful with yourself in your progress report as to whether you feel you received the full desired effect from each assignment.

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