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Shoot Like a Girl

The SHTF Series, Book 2
Autor: L.L. Akers
Sprecher: Kevin Pierce
Serie: The SHTF Series, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 15 Min.
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Would your neighborhood work together to survive if the s--t hit the fan?

More chaos erupts in book two of the SHTF series when the lights don't come back on and there's still no word - or help - from the government. Tullymore is divided, and on the brink of an internal war. Tensions only rise further when one innocent life is on the line, and they must make a deadly trip into town to scavenge for a crucial supply that someone may have had all along.

Do you bring enough to the table to join a stronger group?

On the homestead, Jenny is a shocking surprise to everyone, and Puck is feeling as though he must stand up and be a man to prove his mettle to the group in order to stay. But there might not be the safest place to be, after all.

A map to the farm is lost - and found - by the worst possible people. Now, they have more to fear than just dehydration and starvation.

Gird your loins....

Elmer mounts his tractor and attempts to return home to his dear wife, Edith. But when pop goes the weasel, he's not the only one surprised by what lies ahead on the road.

Bullets and blood are the new currency, and death is imminent unless they can all learn to Shoot Like a Girl in book two of The SHTF Series, a post-apocalyptic thriller.

©2017 L.L. Akers (P)2018 L.L. Akers

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