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    Share looks at how new business models are being created based on the disruptive idea of ‘sharing’. Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Alibaba, Google, Netflix and WeChat (China’s answer to Whatsapp) are all based on the sharing of information, assets and human capital, and a new and dynamic economy is already emerging. 

    Traditional consumer and industrial models of Western capitalism are having to adapt to the ‘sharing’ concept, but few traditional organisations seem to understand the implications of the ‘share’ mindset for how they operate and compete. The workforce of the future is growing up in a networked age with completely different attitudes to ‘sharing’ and wants flexibility and greater control over their lives - where and how they work, and what and how they buy.

    This presents a new opportunity for corporates to reinvent management practices to boost agility in this new environment. Share will help companies to thrive through the reshaping of their standard models of hierarchy, power and bureaucracy and the assumed rules of engagement, offering a holistic approach to change, with practical techniques, examples and case studies drawn from the authors’ experience in helping companies to gain competitive advantage.

    ©2017 Bloomsbury (P)2020 Audible, Ltd

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