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    Fast, vivid, effervescent aural experience, by the 6th-sense gifted WCBS-NY Anchorwoman who was shown 9/11.

    Play life as a game and tune into your power, purpose, and love, via the sixth sense. Therese flies thru the marriage of the mystic and the scientific, perception and time, the sixth sense and evidence, energy and creativity, sex and relationships, dreams death and healing, psychic kids and medical 'anomalies', and develops the Method she devised as an energy healer, for tuning into 'the voice inside that knows...don't think, listen...'

    Feel the energy you can almost see, as Therese lays the groundwork for a new 'Age of Discovery' via the science of impression. Enter the portal of grace she paints, unlocked by 9/11, to build the world of your dreams: your perfect business, your perfect relationship, your perfect creation.

    Original music and vocals with musicians Mark Egan, Bob Boyd, Kenny Brescia, Brad Mandigo. An inspiration and guide for people with creative, athletic, business, or psychic gifts, people in recovery, those facing adversity or medical anomaly. God and science combine in the guiding theorem: 'No matter what happens, we are held safe, within the mind of God...' Light, deep, humorous, imaginatively produced, and eternally hopeful.

    ©2006 M. Therese Crowley


    "Lush voice." ( Cosmopolitan Magazine(/i>)

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