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    Witness how seemingly innocent, neighbor-loved men turned into devilish creatures, feared till this day.

    Famous actors, musicians, political leaders, and the greats of science. There are stories told. Movies filmed. And books written and narrated about the impact they’ve made on the world. But this is a collection of different kind of people. People who are known not for their selfless, positive, and genuine contributions, but the opposite....

    In this audiobook set of four true crime books, you will learn about men who performed acts so cruel, inhumanely heartless, and unfathomable that their names will never be forgotten. 

    This collection includes four of the world’s most well-known serial killers:

    • Edmund Kemper: Rejected child whose traumatic childhood scarred him for a lifetime. The only way he could deal with his pain was by inflicting pain on others.
    • Jeffrey Dahmer: Cannibalistic rapist and necrophiliac serial killer who felt no remorse and absolutely zero empathy.
    • Robert Berdella: An ordinary man, appreciated by neighbors and a great lover of cooking, art, and culture, who turned into one of the most sadistic torturers to ever live. 
    • Ted Bundy: After taking dozens of innocent lives across seven states and escaping the prison twice, he earned the title of America’s most wicked serial killer.

    Delve into the dark, hidden side of the impactful - their names are never said out loud yet will never be forgotten....

    ©2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC (P)2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC

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