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    Are you tired of lackluster book sales? Then, you came to the right sales page. The information in this audiobook will help you to sell more books, help you prioritize what books to write, and give you a concrete method to discern if you have a topic worth discussing.

    The author has taken his thousands of hours of experience and thousands of online book sales in order to create this outstanding, educational audio course and the 25-point miracle method. With an academic approach, you will gain superior knowledge and attain the sales numbers you've been waiting for.

    We suggest you get this audiobook so you can follow along and write down your answers during the many writing prompts. If you're writing it down in a personal notebook, no doubt you'll enjoy the chill musical interludes while you're journaling. This affordable audiobook course is a no-brainer for any author seeking to advance their craft.

    Start improving your writing today. Not tomorrow, today.

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