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    Do you want to know the secret to get your ex back? This audiobook is for both men and women.

    When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back and saving your relationship, there is actually a fairly common and predictable path toward reconciliation. In just a few chapters we cover some of the most intricate aspects of relationships, from finding the right person to keeping the right person. Find all that you need right here within this audiobook!

    The good news is, of the couples that break-up there is a 90 percent chance of re-communication. At some point in the near future you will talk, and even possibly get back together. Even if your situation looks bleak, even if both parties are still extremely angry and need a cool down period, even if he or she says that they moved on to be with someone else, there’s still hope!

    How excited would you be if I told you, you may actually be a few days away from getting back with your ex? Not just getting them back but also making them yearn and pine all the while. How about developing a deeper and more fulfilling emotional bond? What about boosted intimacy? Overwhelmed, right? This audiobook is your one-stop resource for attracting and seducing your ex like a moth to a flame. 

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    ©2018 Emerson Strauss (P)2018 Emerson Strauss

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