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Seduced in the Car Wash Restroom

Autor: Lexy Vibes
Sprecher: Vivian Munro
Spieldauer: 24 Min.

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Taking a job as a package delivery driver wasn’t how Olive saw her life going after college, but beggars can’t be choosers, and she needs the money. 

A late-evening trip to the car wash after a long day gets her a perk, however. When the job is over, she needs to use the restroom and the owner of the place follows her inside. Being seduced by a kinky, older woman wasn’t how Olive imagined her day would end, but sex in a public place is one of her dirtiest fantasies and she’s all for it coming to life.

©2019 Lexy Vibes (P)2019 Lexy Vibes

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