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Season of Shadows

Autor: Mary Mackey
Sprecher: Piper Goodeve
Spieldauer: 25 Std. und 18 Min.

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Lucy is short, blonde, radiates energy, and seems ever-organized; Cassie is tall, skinny, has curly black hair, gives off a sense of melancholy, and, although a botanist, is guided (like an artist) more by hunches than science. With warm tones and distinct characterizations, Piper Goodeve performs best-selling author, screenwriter, and poet Mary Mackey’s tale of much more than a friendship that begins with opposites not just attracting, but permanently bonding as prep school and Radcliffe roommates in the ‘60s. Three decades later they have been pulled apart by an abusive marriage in a picture-perfect setting, and a life on the run, but when Cassie is arrested, only Lucy can save her - assuming she is willing to risk her own life.


From the first day that polar opposite friends Lucy and Cassie meet at prep school, they are inseparable through Vietnam and Civil Rights marches to falling in love for the first time. Lucy emerges from the turmoil engaged to the crown prince of Patan, poised to become the Princess of Paradise, while Cassie marries Lucy's college flame, David, and struggles to balance married and working life.

When David rises to fame as a rock star, Cassie's whole world shifts dramatically while, in the Himalayas, Lucy slips into the rhythm of a lifestyle that hasn't changed in centuries. That is, until she realizes that her gilt palace is no better than a prison - complete with guards. For both, escape is the only answer, but nothing comes without a price.

©1991 Mary Mackey (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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