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    How can you oppose an adversary willing to claim victory at any cost?  

    Still reeling from recent events in the intergalactic cold war, former Earth resident Austin Stone enters a new phase of his career as a Star Runner with the Galactic Legion of Planets by joining the covert squadron known as the "Scorpions." The training is demanding and rigid, pushing him to the limits as he continues to improve his natural skill at the stick of a Trident starfighter. 

    But factions in the Zahl Empire yearning to fan the flames of imperial expansion continue to operate in secrecy, attempting to ignite another fight with the Legion. An immoral and clandestine scheme hatched years ago by Zahlian Agents is entering its final stages, a project with the possibility of shattering the Legion from within. 

    Through vicious encounters and clandestine missions far behind enemy lines, the Scorpions will need all their courage to confront a foe determined to spark a conflict at any cost.

    With heartbreaking revelations and epic space battles, Star Runners: Scorpions is the fourth entry to the Star Runners Universe, a collection of space adventure books.

    ©2016, 2018 Shadow Max Publishing (P)2018 Shadow Max Publishing

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