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Score a Video Game Career

A Vital Resource on How to Get a Job and Life in the Video Game Industry
Autor: Mike Travis
Sprecher: Brian Ackley
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 55 Min.

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Video games are more popular than ever, but the industry is small and notoriously difficult to break into. This audiobook will cover the complete process from job application to landing a job, as well as give an honest look at life as a professional video game developer.

In an ultra-competitive industry, you need every advantage possible to stand out from the crowd. By listening to this audiobook, you will receive power-ups and bonus XP for your journey in game development.

Some of the topics covered in this audiobook include:

  • Different career paths inside professional video game development
  • Deciding whether to enroll in a school or program in order to get a job
  • Tips on writing your cover letter, resume, and creating a high-quality portfolio or demo reel
  • Using networking and social media to become a better job candidate
  • Proven methods of searching for game development jobs
  • A look behind the scenes at the typical job application process inside video game studios
  • A breakdown of the full interview process
  • What to expect during an on-site interview and how to have a successful one
  • Information about money such as salary, relocation, benefits, and at-will employment
  • Some of the perils of working in video games such as layoffs and working overtime
  • Reasons why a career game development might not be right for you

If you are interested in a career working in video games or just curious about how game studios work from an insiders perspective, this audiobook will shine a light on all these topics and more. Whether you dream of a successful career in video games or are simply curious, this audiobook will provide knowledge and insight about the game industry written by a professional game developer.

©2017 Mike Travis (P)2017 Mike Travis


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