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Scarface: The Ultimate Guide

Sprecher: Mike Dennis
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 52 Min.

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Fully annotated movie guide. Includes detailed essays; interviews with filmmakers Oliver Stone, Brian De Palma and Al Pacino, shot by shot breakdown and more.

Scarface is a powerful, stylized commentary on violence, materialism, excess, corruption and crime in America. Set during the drug-driven decadence of Miami in the 1980s, it is a rags to riches story about the rise and fall of an illegal immigrant from dishwasher to narcotics kingpin who is undone by greed and delusions of grandeur triggered by cocaine psychosis. It is both thrilling entertainment and a wicked, nightmarish parody of the American dream.

Scarface: The Ultimate Guide places the movie in its historical context and examines its origins, development, production, release, critical reception and current status in the culture. The highlight of the book is a detailed analysis of the movie from first frame to fade out.

Everything there is to possibly know about the history of the 1983 gangster classic is here.

Sit back, grab a glass of gin, spark up a Cuban cigar, check the magazine in your M16 assault rifle with 40mm grenade launcher, find a mirror or clear a surface on your desk and let Scarface: The Ultimate Guide take you on an illuminating tour of your favorite movie.

©2013 Damian Stevenson (P)2014 Damian Stevenson

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