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    Sal, Nat, and Catherine are back!

    After six months of exile, Salishan Bransen wonders what the future holds for her...until a sexy blonde walks into her life. Before she knows it, Sal is mixed up in a Space Ranger mission to rescue a hostage. Only, nothing goes right, and once again, Sal is on the run.

    Working as a trainer at the Space Ranger academy, Captain Nat Reynolds is living a simple life with her love Catherine Porter. When a mysterious distress call from Sal comes through, Nat must decide if she will risk everything and take on a new adventure to save her.

    Please note: This is a full-length novel which can be listened to as a stand-alone book. However, it is closely tied to the previous story Rescue Her Heart. These books have a soft sci-fi theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving lesbian relationships. Includes a bonus preview to KC Luck's best-selling novel Darkness Falls.

    ©2019 KC Luck (P)2019 KC Luck

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