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    Based on the format of the American TV show Saturday Night Live, this home-grown comedy production was an enormous success and bought recognition and fame to a great many performers, many of whom are now household names. It was hosted by Ben Elton and Lenny Henry. In a series of sketches it introduced us to the talent and chemistry of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie; Harry Enfield, whose two memorable characters, Stavros the kebab shop owner and Loadsamoney became household favourites; established performers John Bird, John Fortune and Peter Cook; new talent such as Jo Brand and in one extraordinary sketch, the Right Honourable Dennis (now Lord) Healey!

    Volume 2: Featuring- Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield, Jo Brand, Tracy Ullman, Emma Thompson, Chris Barrie, Emo Phillips, Steven Wright, and Ben Elton.

    ©1986 ITV Productions Ltd (P)2011 ITV Productions Ltd

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