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Just who was Saint Patrick? Many know him as the figure behind the huge festival of fun and drinking that takes place every year on March 17. But look a little more closely and see that there is more to the patron saint of Ireland than meets the eye. 

Inside, you will hear about:

  • From slave to bishop
  • The feast at Tara
  • Ireland’s first martyr
  • Letter to the soldiers of Coroticus
  • Confessio: a brief look
  • The death of Saint Patrick
  • And much more!

Saint Patrick will amaze as listeners embark on a journey of tough beginnings, holy power, and a story of overcoming adversity to change a nation. Take a look at the saint who devoted his life to bringing Christianity to an entire nation - and succeeded after much difficulty. The saint we know as the reason for a holiday is much more significant than people know.

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