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    Sade shook her head, blushing. Though this was what she had hoped for, a part of her wanted to delay the moment. She wanted it to go on forever. A melancholy feeling spread throughout her entire body, knowing that once the sun rose in the morning, this would all be over. What then? Would they continue to see each other - or was this just a one night stand?

    Her questions were premature, for Mischa got off the bed. Sade feared that she had ruined the moment between them, but her worries were unfounded.

    Mischa peeled her top off before removing her jeans. A hot pink bra and panties clung on to her taut body, as she stood at the edge of the bed. Without waiting for Sade's request, Mischa then undid the clasp of her bra to release the most wonderful pair of breasts Sade had ever seen in her life. She stared as they bounced outwardly, released by its undergarment prison. Her thumbs tucked into each side of her panties, and pushed them down to reveal her pubic area - shaved to delightful smoothness.

    ©2016 Scarlet Butler (P)2016 Scarlet Butler

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