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    Now in one handy volume, both Cooper Christmas Romances 

    Handcarved Christmas

    Laura Worth answers an advertisement for a bride and leaves Missouri to meet her groom in Montana. When she gets there, she realizes her husband-to-be, Ben Cooper, has no knowledge of having sent for her. 

    She is devastated, even more so when she breaks a precious heirloom. Ben's heart goes out to the beautiful woman and he marries her in answer to his mother's dying wish. As Christmas approaches, the two wonder whether their marriage will hold the love and intimacy God intended it to have. Will Ben win the heart of his unexpected gift? 

    The Payback Bride

    In a Handcarved Christmas, Sam Cooper sends for a mail-order bride for his older brother Ben. Now, the tables have turned. A little minute of a thing, dressed in frills and ribbons, arrives on his doorstep talking a mile a minute. Sam's sister-in-law thought this Christmas was the perfect time to pay Sam back for his stunt the year before.

    ©2018 Cynthia Hickey (P)2020 Cynthia Hickey

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