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    Sal had woken up with no recollection of the night before a few times, but never like this - in a forest...alone...confused...scared.

    She scoured her surroundings, desperate for some clue as to how she’d ended up here. Fragments of conversations and snapshots of memories were all she could scramble together.

    But suddenly, none of it mattered.

    A stranger.

    A warning.

    And the hunt is on. 

    Now, Sal and her friends are in a battle like no other. Death and terror lurk around every corner. Can they defy the odds and live to fight another day? Or will they fall like so many before?

    Is it all a nightmare, or is it for real? One thing is for sure. It’s relentless.

    ©2020 Christopher Artinian (P)2020 Christopher Artinian

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