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    Refugee Workforce weaves dynamic stories of refugees and the companies who have engaged them with hard facts to provide listeners with a compelling case for hiring refugees in the American workplace. Refugee Workforce was born out of the experience of launching a staffing company serving resettled refugees in Clarkston, GA.

    Author Chris Chancey and his family moved to the fringe of Clarkston, known as the most diverse city in America, in 2013 and started Amplio Recruiting to connect refugees with open positions in the Atlanta job market a year later. For the past 5 years, Amplio has grown steadily, now operating in Houston, Dallas, and Raleigh, in addition to Atlanta, while helping over 5000 refugees gain access to full-time employment.

    Observing the interaction between the companies Amplio serves and the dependable refugee community helped Chris begin to recognize the tremendous economic value generated from resettled refugees. They were not a charity case as often portrayed in the media, and they were not terrorists with ill intentions as some may wish to believe. They represent a workforce of people with a strong motivation to work, add value to a local company, pay taxes, and provide for their families. The most underrated workforce, if we choose to recognize it, is the one best positioned to stimulate America’s future economic growth. 

    After five years of staffing American companies with the refugee workforce, Chris is more convinced than ever that hiring refugees is not only a socially responsible decision, but also a profitable one. 

    Chris has enthusiastically engaged thousands at events like SOCAP and Q Commons, a platform for cultural leaders having a positive impact in society, and Lions Den and Praxis Labs impact investment events across the US in which social impact investors are connecting with the most redemptive business solutions facing the global economy.

    ©2019 Chris Chancey (P)2020 Chris Chancey

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