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Receiving God's Cape

Unlocking Supernatural Power for the Believer
Sprecher: R. Keith Miles
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 37 Min.

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For many centuries, religious men have purposely suppressed the Holy Spirit's superhero-like power because it threatened their personal kingdoms - a power that gives every believer purpose and provides lasting victory over sin. This is the same power that was evident in the Apostle's lives in the book of Acts, but has since been limited to only a remnant of believers who walked in it by faith; but all that is about to change. In this book, you'll have the ability to unlock the truth of the Holy Spirit's anointing to increase your faith to an unstoppable level. This book holds the key to unlocking supernatural gifts and power for you to enhance the Lord's reputation on this Earth!

In this book, you'll discover:

  • How the power of the Holy Spirit is available for every believer
  • How God has made believers kings and priests, redeeming their purpose
  • How you are essential to expanding God's kingdom through the Holy Spirit's gifts
  • Why many churchgoers are staying with Jesus but are leaving the church
  • Why our churches are no longer impacting culture, and what we can do to change it
  • How believers are part of the body of Christ, and what that really means

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