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Rebirth: Short Story

Sprecher: Brian Ackley
Spieldauer: 32 Min.

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Rebirth is a dramatic thriller short story, which narrates about a gang group of feminine individuals who were programmed from their youth to do crime. The story reflects the hypocritical lifestyle versus the lifestyle of truth. A conversion from gangster-ism to Christianity.  

It all started with a puzzling dream Ellen had, which caused her to be isolated for a while because it troubled her. Ellen searched for meanings through the Internet to understand a revelation of a message contained in a dream. Unfortunately, no specific results were rendered but at the same moment a man who's a Prophet of God showed up in her midst. They sat together in a cafeteria as the man unveiled what Ellen needed to know, especially concerning her mother's death. She began to believe that God wanted her to be converted to Christianity and live a life of truth. Her sisters Grace, Eva, and Elizaberth hindered her to convert to a new life as they were afraid to lose her. The majority prevailed against her, and she finally joined them and ignored the invitation of God.  

After a successful mission of robbery, they set a trip to the city of Lagos. They were still in search for a new habitation in foreign countries. The day of their departure came. On their way to the coast, they were blocked by a divine being, containing a celestial appearance. The man spoke to them concerning the future and the promises that shall come in their lives. After a positive declaration, he left and vanished before them. Police helicopter came forth to a dry land, which they traveled in. From that moment they knew the police force was looking for them. 

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