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    There are several questions that are always on the mind of people. Some may wonder if there is something, in this or another world, so influential that just making or mentioning its name would cause cold feelings. Is it possible that your thoughts can be factual, that it is capable of dissolving ice and causing a flame to light up, or cause enormous demolitions or magnificent creations? Is there a border, that if you cross, you will become unreachable, and you can easily access everything in the world? Does a magical door exist in this life that can give answers to all the mysteries of this world? If this magical door does exist, is it going to give you the answers as expected, or would the answers be displeasing and a disappointment? Would it make you want to quest for more knowledge? Now, having discovered a virtually new world, would you desire to return to the former world or continue in your new world? Do you share the public opinion about life or do you have the quest to discover an entirely new idea about the world? What quest are you embarking on? Is it to be truly part of a new world or remain in the old one? With all these questions in mind, let us show you that there exists an entirely new world different from the norm. Let's get started!

    ©2016 Dayanara Blue Star (P)2016 Dayanara Blue Star

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