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    Discover the 25 anti-procrastination habits to overcome laziness....

    Approximately 20% of people on Earth are chronic procrastinators.

    Quite a large proportion, right? Especially when you consider the fact that the vast majority of the remaining 80% of people also procrastinate regularly. What, then, makes procrastination dangerous? Why is procrastination hard to shake off? Why should you stop procrastinating and take control of your life? And most importantly, how can you recharge your motivation to get rid of procrastination? These are the questions I hope to help you answer in this audiobook.

    Procrastination is almost unavoidable; almost everybody procrastinates. Almost everyone has one or two instances daily where he takes his feet off the throttle for no concrete reason whatsoever. However, some people have turned procrastination into their default mode. They procrastinate each and every time they get the chance to act. They drag their leg when they might have actually stood up and made a dash for success.

    I have produced this audiobook to further provide you with tips on how to re-dredge your river of motivation and keep it flowing. The greatest antidote to procrastination is effective motivation. Motivated people do not procrastinate, and most procrastinators lack effective motivation. Consider this a guide to help you deal extensively with the dangers of procrastination.

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn....

    • What is procrastination?
    • Why you procrastinate
    • Twenty-five practical tips for defeating procrastination
    ©2018 Callum Rawling (P)2018 Callum Rawling

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